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In 2014, a good friend suggested I obtain the necessary accreditation's that would allow me to perform weddings in the State of Florida. Having been a public speaker for over thirty years, it seemed like a natural fit, so I took his advice and made it happen. Soon after, I  began noticing that almost every wedding my wife and I attended was non-traditional, and in most cases, performed by a wedding officiate, not clergy.

Some of the services we attended were officiated by individuals that were a little too focused on themselves, and not enough on the couple being married.  And some were just the opposite, uneventful and extremely dry.  

So I decided that the service I would strive to provide would be professional, warm, genuine, and  with  a touch of humor. In other words, a reflection of the couple being celebrated.

So I performed my first wedding at an outdoor venue in south Florida in 2015. Everything went exactly as I anticipated, except for one thing that I wasn't expecting, and that was how much I enjoyed it.


I realized that day that marrying two people in love wasn't a job, it was a privilege.

Call or e-mail me to inquire about availability and ways I can help ensure your day is everything you deserve! It will be my privilege!

Fee Structure

Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties- Starting at $ 179

Additional Services- call for pricing

  • Extended consultation

  • Extended wedding day time

  • Audio including wireless handheld and lavaliere microphones, powered speakers

  • Video

  • Flowers by Annie

  • Florida locations outside of Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties

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