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Thinking Big has always come naturally to Big Joe Stout. It’s a way of life reflected in his creativity,  the messages he shares, and the lives he touches. Whether it’s guiding  a fledgling new business to new levels of success, or speaking to a live audience, the deep inherit desire to do it right and make a difference takes center stage.

Born and raised in Southwest Michigan, Big Joe reaped the benefits of supportive parents, the Midwestern work ethic, and many life changing experiences.


After leaving college where he played basketball, Big  Joe partnered with his parents in opening a small deli. He had abandoned the idea of becoming a teacher and a coach and focused on learning the intricacies of owning and operating a business.  Over six years he developed the concept into a five store chain with a wholesale bakery,  catering company,  and sixty employees. Under his guidance, the enterprise experienced annual growth and became one of Kalamazoo’s favorite eateries.

During the 17-years he operated and expanded the chain of deli’s he also became very involved with community causes  and volunteered for Big Brothers / Big Sisters, Junior Achievement, and  The Disability Resource Center. Big Joe also began speaking to High Schools on behalf of the Kalamazoo County Chamber of Commerce, as well as hosting and speaking for community functions. Through these speaking engagements, he realized that speaking to live audiences inspired him in ways nothing else ever had.

Big Joe’s speaking talents placed him in front of a multitude of audiences, both young and old, throughout North America. He was a contract trainer for the fourth largest communications company and trained thousands of representatives across the country, from classrooms to stadiums.

In addition to his own experiences  and successes, Big Joe’s love for story telling has moved into the arena of author and film maker. He and his team at Pro Video Source have created over 100 commercials, You Tube clips, short documentaries, Training Videos, and Crowd Funding projects.

“I love the film making world as it allows me to hear and share peoples stories in a way most people never get too. I always find it fascinating to learn what others have been through and what obstacles they overcame on their road to success.

Big Joe lives in Ozona, Florida with his wife Annie and their two dogs, Chuck and Henry. 

About Joe

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